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Introducing OCULASH®, non-prescription cosmeceutical ---- the 1st Step to Longer, Thicker, Healthier Lashes and Brows

For use as the initial step to healthier lashes and brows --- prior to LATISSE® (Allergan). OcuLash is drug-free; it does not contain bimatoprost, the active ingredient in LATISSE and will not darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation.

Vitamin, botanical and lash enhancing ingredients help strengthen, protect and revitalize eyelashes in 2-4 weeks.

Featuring PeptiPlex®, advanced peptide complex, not one but two science-based peptides that support the natural, renewal cycle of lashes so they look lush, healthy, and rejuvenated.

Defends against damage by hydrating; minimizes breakage.

Helps lashes recover from environmental, chemical, and physical damage and return to a healthy state.

Appropriate for upper lashes, lower lashes and sparse or thinning brows.

Drug-free; does not contain bimatoprost, the active ingredient in LATISSE®. Will not darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation.

No parabens, fragrances, colorants, or petroleum products. No known allergens: gentle for sensitive eyes.

Developed in conjunction with and recommended by Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, and Skincare Professionals.


OcuLash® --- the non-Rx, less expensive alternative for

healthier lashes and brows


Special Courtesy Price*

OcuLash® 0.25 fl. oz. tube (3 months’ supply)


Regular Retail Price         $48.95/tube + $6 S & H

Courtesy Pricing:              $24/tube + $6 S & H       

* pricing for initial purchase only.


Note: Good for new customers only; limit one tube purchase per person, household, or credit card and only while supplies last


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review